Nigerian Young Generation in Nuclear (NYGN) has been existing since 2013 and became registered as an NGO with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC) (RC: 103539) (as YOUNG GENERATION NETWORK IN NUCLEAR TECHNOLOGY ADVANCEMENT NIGERIA) in 2017.

NYGN  is the foremost leading Non-governmental Organisation with the mission to support nuclear science and technology and its spin-offs amongst young minds in Nigeria, Africa and Globally. NYGN is led by a forward thinking and scientifically oriented leadership.


⛳️ Mission, Vision, Objectives

🧭 Our mission as an NGO is to grow and expand reach to various levels of institution and to sensitize people on the various aspects of nuclear technology and to make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.



🔭 Our Vision is to Revolutionise Nuclear in all fronts


🎯 Our Objectives are to amongst others:

  • To  develop, enhance and apply the knowledge of science and technology in general and nuclear science and tech in particular through multi-platform engagement and networking across borders
  • To bring together young and interested people with interest in alternative low carbon energy for development
  • To mobilise young people across the country within the nuclear science and technology fields.
  • To cultivate and perpetuate interest in nuclear science and technology through education and promotional activities.
  • To establish strategic alliance and liaison with other youth or young Associate networks and Societies within Nigeria and beyond for development 
  • Institutions, schools, Organisations and chapters in states are part of our network